Financial information

Enrollment Fees for New Students

  • Application Fee – $175.00 per student
  • Registration Fee – $225.00 per student
  • Testing Fee – if applicable, $50.00 per student
  • FACTS Service Fee – $50.00 per family per year


Re-Enrollment Fee for Returning Students

  • January 15 – February 4 – *$175 per family
  • After February 4 – *$300 per family



We are excited to announce our Tuition Schedule for the 2023-2024 school year! 

We encourage you to bring us any questions you have. We look forward to an exciting 2023-2024 school year. May God bless your family and CCS.

Grade Level              Monthly   Annual
Kindergarten 4               $425.00           $5,100.00
Kindergarten 5              $505.00$6,060.00
Grades 1-5              $655.00$7,860.00
Grades 6-8              $720.00$8,640.00
Grades 9-12              $780.00$9,360.00

Tuition is based on a 12 month payment schedule that begins on June 1 and ends on May 1.

Multiple Child Discount – Please contact the office for details.

Ministerial Discount – Central Christian is pleased to offer our Full-Time Ministerial Discount Program to make Christian education affordable for local ministerial staff who have devoted their lives to Christian service. Under this program, any Full-Time Pastors can receive a 25% discount towards their CCS student tuition. Please contact the office if you have any questions.