Now Accepting Applications for 2024-25 School Year!

Admissions information

Central Christian School is a college preparatory school. As such, students must meet the following criteria:

Kindergarten K4/K5

Students applying for K4/K5 will meet with a teacher to assess readiness.

1st Grade – 9th Grade

Students applying for 1st grade through 9th grade will be screened with a standardized testing instrument. This assesses language and literary development, number concepts, motor skills, and social development. Students should score at or above the development level. Parents will be notified of the screening results and a meeting will be set up to discuss the test results and the next step in the application process.

10th thru 12th Grades

Students applying for grades 10th thru 12th should submit the results of a nationally – normed standard test taken within the past 12-18 months. Students should score at grade level or at the ’exceeds’ level of the Georgia Milestones. If current testing records are not available, additional testing may be required and a test date will be scheduled. All transcripts and current grades will need to be submitted during the application process. 


CCS is a discipleship-style school. As such, there is a requirement that at least one parent in every home to give evidence of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, be activity involved in a local church, and agree with the basic tenants of the CCS Statement of Faith. Students salvation is not required for acceptance, but high school students should have a similar value and belief system.


All students must provide evidence of a pattern of behavior and school attendance consistent with the schools overall mission, purpose, and objectives.

admissions procedure

1. Schedule a Tour

Fill out an inquiry, schedule a tour, and meet with our Head of School.

2. Submit Your Application

Application for all grades must be submitted using the Online application.

2. Review

After your application has been submitted with all the supplemental forms and payment of the $175.00 application fee has been received, the application will be reviewed by the admissions committee. 

3. Testing

Students applying for enrollment to CCS are generally screened with a standardized evaluation instrument.

4. Interview

Parents and all students are required for an interview with our Head of School. 

5. Acceptance

Acceptance of the application is based on review of the application. Central Christian School does not discriminate against any person based on sex, race, age, or national origin.

6. Enrollment

Registration forms will be sent to admitted students immediately after acceptance. A student’s space in a grade level is held for two weeks after acceptance letter is sent. 

Other Information Required

Certificate of Immunization Form 3231 – State law prevents a student from beginning classes unless Form 3231 has been received by the school. It may be obtained from your family physician or from your local health department. Parents are allowed to file a religious objection letter if they choose. CCS is required to keep this letter on file at all times.

Eye, Ears, and Dental Examination Form 3300 – State law requires that this form be on file for each student. The form may be obtained from your family physician or from your local health department.