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Upper School – Technology

Upper School – Technology

The instructional technology used at Central Christian School is an integral part of our academic program. We use technology in many forms to enhance the educational experience for all of our students. Wireless technology is available throughout the campus. In addition, Central’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program enables students to access learning opportunities using their personal laptops and tablets. We phased that in a grade at a time starting with seniors. Promethean Boards have been placed in all of our core classrooms. Promethean Boards are interactive white boards that replace outdated chalkboards and standard whiteboards. These boards connect to a computer and projector that display the image onto the board’s surface. The teacher controls the computer with a finger, pen, or slate device. The board enables the teacher to provide computer generated instruction and video streaming. While the boards have become a staple in twenty-first century schools, there is also ample evidence that proves that the boards can have a significant impact on student achievement. Students begin as early as kindergarten with our Android tablet program. This program is specifically designed with educational options to support existing curriculum. Not only do these reinforce existing curriculum, it also exposes students to a multitude of learning options. The tablets include over 100 pre-loaded applications including math, science, language arts, English, and Spanish. Each one has over 100 pre-loaded books. One unique feature is the Multiple Intelligence Assessment that helps teachers assess how each student learns best. The CCS computer lab has been updated with new computers. Ample software provides students with the tools necessary for success in every classroom. RenWeb.com provides school management software including gradebook and parent contact functions. Parents can also keep track of their child’s grades using Renweb.

Technology Beliefs at Central Christian

  1. Technology should support the curriculum.
  2. Technology should serve as a resource for teachers to enhance instruction.
  3. Technology should facilitate communication with parents.
  4. Technology should be used to prepare students for the use of it in college.
  5. Technology should teach students the proper care of hardware and the legal guidelines they will need to follow as responsible adults.
  6. Technology should be dependable and be student and teacher friendly


Technology Guidelines and FAQ