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Upper School – Overview

Upper School – Overview

Welcome to the upper school division of Central Christian School!

The upper school division is comprised of two sections. The first is grades 7-8, and the second is grades 9-12. Although both sections operate on the same bell system throughout the day and change classes seven times a day, only students in grades 9-12 receive credits towards graduation.

Central’s college preparatory curriculum is designed to challenge students academically. We firmly believe that strong academics are an essential key to succeed at the post-secondary level of education. We also place a strong emphasis on a student’s spiritual and social life as it relates to God’s calling on their lives.

Qualifying students may also take advanced honors classes and take advantage of our collage dual enrollment courses. Our leadership team, faculty, and staff are dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential in the world in which we live.

We also strongly believe in a Christian world view. This simply means that we challenge students on a daily basis to live out their faith in our community and every place they may go.

Michelle McDaniel
Upper School Assistant Principal