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Lower School – Fine Arts

Lower School – Fine Arts

The Lower School Fine Arts Offerings are designed to develop a deep love and appreciation for the arts through numerous course offerings. These include:

Introduction to Music
All lower school students participate in music class one day per week for 50 minutes. Using National and Georgia Standards for Music Education as a guide, students learn to sing or play alone and with others, use good tone to express themselves musically, and learn the language of music notation.

With a focus on music literacy, kindergarten students learn how to express themselves musically. Students are introduced to a variety of songs and dances taught with an emphasis on history and culture. Students will also learn fundamentals of music notation and discover their own beautiful voice as they play and sing stimulating music games. Performance opportunities include the school-wide Christmas program and Kindergarten graduation.

1st-3rd grade
More fundamentals of notation are introduced in 1st through 3rd grade, giving students an opportunity to explore nuances of percussion as well as other families of instruments. Students are taught methods of memorizing parts, establishing cognitive development and problem solving skills. Performance opportunities include the school-wide Christmas program and Spring Concert.

4th grade
In the 4th grade, students hone in on their aural skills and are trained to develop relative pitch. Fun and interesting vocal pieces with separate parts are rehearsed and performed at the school-wide Christmas program. After the holiday season, 4th graders learn how to play the recorder through the award-winning “Recorder Karate” program. Several exciting pieces are rehearsed and performed at the Spring Concert. Students are then primed and ready to participate in the CCS Band program starting in 5th grade.

The Band program at Central brings to life the soundtrack of each student’s daily routine. Maintaining a balance between traditional and contemporary repertoire, students are encouraged to and excel at studying multiple instruments to fulfill the needs of a variety of performance pieces. All Band members perform at the school-wide Christmas Program, Music Recital, Spring Concert, and Senior Graduation ceremony.

Beginning Band
With a focus on woodwinds, brass, and percussion, students 5th grade and up enjoy making the acquaintance of an instrument that quickly becomes a means of daily expression. Practices of good tone and technique are established early in the year as students mature their understanding of the language of music.

Winter Musical: Students perform at a winter musical that gives every music student a chance to demonstrate their proficiency on their instrument through traditional and classical music.

Spring Recital
The Spring Recital provides music students with the opportunity to perform a solo on their instrument on a piece of music they select.

Elementary Art
Elementary students attend art once a week.  Students participate in activities which include integration of technology, art history, and application of studied techniques.

Beginning Art
Students learn basic drawing techniques including shadowing, perspective, and the importance of negative/ positive space. Students also learn color theory using acrylic and water color paints. Students also receive introduction to basic hand building techniques in clay.