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Alumni Information

Alumni Information

Alumni Association

Welcome to the Central Christian School Alumni Association!


  • Central Christian School                  (2014 – Present)
  • Heritage Christian School                (1987 – 2014)
  • Calvary Temple Christian School    (1980 – 1987)
  • Central Christian School                   (1965 – 1980)

The name may have changed several times during the past 50 years, but the purpose for the school has always remained the same…

  • To create for our students and children a learning environment conducive to spiritual   nurturing and growth.
  • To provide a Christian education with high college preparatory standards.
  • To present all subject matter within the framework of a Christian world view.

This basic philosophy is biblically solid, practically true, and timeless!

Our alumni are an important part of the foundation that our school is built upon. We have formed our Alumni Association Council to help coordinate all alumni activities and special events. If you are interested in serving as a representative, please contact the office at 770-252-1234.

The Alumni Association seeks to maintain the names and contact information of those who have graduated from Central and also those who may have attended the school for one or more years. We have a collection of yearbooks from 1965 to the present, vintage pictures, and school memorabilia, all of which illustrate the rich history of our school. Our goal is to keep graduates and others connected to the school and each other and serve as a point of contact for classmates, and provide assistance to reunion planning.

Please keep in touch! Feel free to email pictures in digital form to alumni@cccrusaders.com. Tell us what you have been doing since you left the school. Include college, college awards, jobs, promotions, marriage, children, etc. We want to share the news with everyone.

We also request that all of you join our Facebook pages: