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Financial Aid & Assistance

Financial Aid & Assistance

Central Christian School is committed to providing a quality Christian education and instilling godly character in each and every student. We understand the financial commitment that a family makes when they choose private or Christian education. Central’s goal is to partner with families who have financial needs. Therefore, a limited amount of financial assistance is available to qualifying applicants.

Financial assistance and aid recommendations are made by FACTS Grant & Aid – an independent company which provides Central with a confidential financial needs report. This report assists the Scholarship Committee in determining the amount of tuition assistance granted. Assistance covers between 10% and 50% of tuition and does not cover any fees. Financial assistance is not available to Pre K students.

Currently, the majority of our financial assistance is provided through the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program. Through this program, Georgia tax payers can redirect Georgia income tax dollars to eligible Georgia private and Christian schools. The state of Georgia has defined parameters as to who is eligible to receive financial assistance. Limited assistance is also available through the Central Foundation.

Central welcomes donations of any amount to our unrestricted scholarship fund. Your financial gifts would be a tax deductible contribution and would make a tremendous impact on a student’s life.



1. The online admissions application and application fee must be submitted prior to admitting an application for financial aid. (Application fees are non-refundable.)

2. Applicants are to complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment form at FACTS Grant & Aid. Only one form is needed per family.

3. The CCS Scholarship Committee will meet to evaluate the financial need and amount of aid to be awarded to all verified applications received from FACTS.

4. Letters confirming decisions on financial aid will be mailed to all applicants.

5. All required forms must be submitted to FACTS before an application can be considered. The following information is required in order for FACTS to process your application:

  • Completed online application to FACTS.
  • Online payment of $30.00 application fee to FACTS.
  • Copies of your past year’s tax return.
  • Copies of your past year’s W-2’s for both you and your spouse.
  • Copies of supporting documentation for any addition income. Financial aid applications must be submitted to FACTS, along with supporting documentation, no later than April 30. Applications may be submitted to FACTS after the date, but the majority of funds are awarded in the Spring. If you have any questions about the FACTS application process, you may contact a Customer Care Representative at 1-866-315-9262. Tuition assistance is awarded based on financial need and the availability of funds. The completion of the Financial assistance application is not a binding agreement that financial assistance is available or will be granted. Applicants who receive financial aid must apply for financial aid each year.  (from the Georgia GOAL – August 2017 Newsletter)