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Why Choose Central

Why Choose Central

Dear Parent(s),

Welcome to Central Christian School. We are honored to share the Central Christian story with you, and are humbled at the great work God is doing in the lives of our families, students and staff. We offer the best Christian education and the lowest tuition in our area. Knowing that you have choices in the school you will select for your child’s education, you may be asking, “Why choose Central Christian School?”. I want to share with you just a few of the many reasons why we offer the best education in a Christian environment for your child.

1. A Christian education that permeates all we do

We provide a Christian education for every student. That education means many things:

  • Daily Bible study – Students in kindergarten through twelfth-grade participate in daily Bible study. The Bible study is based on an excellent curriculum that provides every student age-appropriate lessons that deepen their understanding of God’s Word.
  • Chapel – All students participate in chapel every week. Fifth grade students lead worship each Wednesday in the elementary chapel. High school students lead chapel each Thursday with the older students. These chapels are well-planned, and provide worship time and speakers who challenge every student to deepen their walk with Christ.
  • Biblical World View – Our master teachers teach from curriculum that supports a Biblical world view. Coursework enables students to see God’s hand at work from the forming of our nation to the forming of our bodies.

2. Smaller class sizes

Research supports the importance of, and connection between, small class size and student achievement. Small class size means a smaller pupil-teacher ratio and more individualized instruction.  Small class sizes enable teachers to individualize instruction and provide one-on-one help when needed.

3. Rigorous college-prep curriculum

At Central, we focus on educating the heart as well as the mind. Students are well-prepared for college upon graduation. From phonics in Kindergarten to Honors Calculus in twelfth grade, students take courses that prepare them for the rigors of a college education. In addition, teachers are available every day from 3:00-3:40 to provide extra help for students who need extra support with their course work.

4. Instructional Technology

The use of instructional technology continues to grow at CCS. Just one example is the use of promethean technology. Promethean technology provides teachers with cutting edge instructional tools at their finger-tips. Promethean boards enhance instruction and enable what is taught to move to a child’s long term memory. In addition, teachers are able to use Promethean Planet to share instructional techniques with teachers all over the world.

Teachers also have ActivExpressions at their disposal. ActivExpression devices enable students to answer questions on a device that looks like a cell phone. Their answer appears on the promethean board and teachers can see if students missed an answer and what part of the wrong answer confused them. The device provides real time feedback and provides formative assessment to assess learning.
Finally, students in kindergarten through fourth grade have Android tablets to use in enhancing instruction, reading an enormous assortment of children’s books, and review games that reinforce classroom instruction.

5. Dual Enrollment

We hand-schedule every student to match their educational needs with a focus toward success in college. Part of that schedule can include dual enrollment classes for students who qualify. We partner with six universities and colleges to help students receive both college and school credit for attending these courses. Not only do students earn college credit, but there are numerous benefits of applying to colleges for admission with existing college credit through dual enrollment. Many colleges give preference to students who have already earned college credit and demonstrated that they can handle the rigors of college.

6. Accreditation

It is essential that you select an accredited school for your child to attend. Central is not only accredited, but has reached the status of Accredited With Quality by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. The quality status is bestowed because of our rigorous college preparatory curriculum, highly qualified teachers, and institutional excellence. It means that a diploma from CCS is recognized by universities all over our nation as well as the Georgia Board of Education, the Georgia Board of Regents, and the Hope Scholarship Commission.

7. Developing the whole child

Regular course work is only the beginning at Central Christian. Students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade are provided courses that go beyond the normal school offerings. Elementary students enjoy weekly classes in Spanish, Art, Music, Media, and Physical Education. Upper grade students select elective courses in daily offerings that include a wide variety of options including Journalism, Photography, Art, Music, Physical Education, Drama, Yearbook, and S.A.T. Prep.

8. Individualized Learning Plan

Our small class sizes enable us to use student achievement test data to track student achievement. Students take the Stanford Achievement Test from kindergarten through high school. Test results are disaggregated thoroughly and reviewed with teachers. Data will then be used by every teacher to provide remediation or enrichment based on each child’s achievement.

9. Communication

Small class sizes play an important role in communication with every parent. Parents can track their child’s progress electronically with RenWeb. Parents can also access teachers by phone or e-mail with questions about their child’s progress. Parent-teacher conferences are always welcomed.

10. Competitive athletic program

Attending a small school is a huge benefit to students interested in competitive sports. Small schools offer the opportunity to compete and excel, where attending a larger school may lead to limited playing time or not “making” a team at all. Our athletic program is strong and in the past three years has led to 1 National Championship, 9 State Championships, 6 Region Championships, and 8 State Runner-up finishes. Your child can be part of this winning tradition!

Playing at a small school does not limit great athletes desiring scholarships to colleges. Colleges from all divisions recruit great athletes regardless of their school affiliation. In addition, our athletic department provides appropriate contact with college coaches when students are particularly gifted in a sport. Younger students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade enjoy Elementary Team sports in basketball, soccer, and cheerleading. There is something for everyone at Central Christian School!

11. A Bright Future!

God’s Word tells us that “where there is no vision the people perish”. At Central, God has given us a clear vision for the future. We invite your family to become part of that future.

Central Christian School is a special place for special people. We are one of the oldest private schools in Georgia for a reason. Over 50 years of excellence motivates us to continue to improve every day. Come join us on the journey to educate the heart as well as the mind.


Guiding Principles

Christian Environment

  • We provide a Christian environment within our school which encourages students’ spiritual development and relationship to Jesus Christ.
  • We are committed to praying for and supporting the families of Central Christian.
  • We are committed to partnering with parents as they raise their child to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Student Centered Classrooms

  • Students’ learning needs are the primary focus for all decisions impacting the work of the school.
  • We are committed to exemplary instruction which actively engages students in the learning process.
  • We are committed to connecting to students, and maintaining a positive school climate that energizes staff and students.


  • Students and staff maintain high standards of integrity.
  • We believe in well-planned, exemplary daily instruction that ultimately prepares our graduates to achieve success in a college environment.
  • Students and staff conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner with accountability and responsibility.

High Expectations

  • We maintain high expectations for student achievement and use data to enhance instruction.
  • We support the commitment by all staff to engage in professional learning.
  • We emphasize participation and excellence in all extra-curricular activities as they support Christian values.

Commitment to Excellence

  • We are committed to on-going evaluation and school improvement planning in every aspect of the school.
  • We are committed to the use of 21st century technology to enhance instruction.
  • We are committed to creating a school culture that reflects pride in Central Christian School.